Fontsource is a collection of open-source fonts that are packaged into individual NPM packages for self-hosting in your web applications. This documentation outlines the benefits of using Fontsource and how to get started.


1. Performance

  • Self-hosting fonts can significantly improve website performance by eliminating the extra latency caused by additional DNS resolution and TCP connection establishment that is required when using a CDN like Google Fonts. This can help to prevent doubled visual load times for simple websites, as benchmarked here and here.

2. Version Locking

  • Fonts remain version locked. Google often pushes updates to their fonts without notice, which may interfere with your live production projects. Manage your fonts like any other NPM dependency.

3. Privacy

  • Commit to privacy. Google does track the usage of their fonts and for those who are extremely privacy concerned, self-hosting is an alternative.

4. Offline

  • Your fonts load offline. This feature is beneficial for Progressive Web Apps and situations where you have limited or no access to the internet.

5. Additional Fonts

  • Support for fonts outside the Google Font ecosystem. This repository is constantly evolving with other Open Source fonts. Feel free to contribute!