Fontsource has partnered with jsDelivr for a custom proxy for all of its font files, allowing for niche use cases where a stable font file link is required. All files are versioned according to Semver, and using a specific version tag will give you longer lived caches.

Note: We recommend self-hosting your fonts if possible, but we understand there are suitable use cases for a CDN.


To leverage the Fontsource CDN for your project, you can use the import generator provided on the install page of each font. For example, to use Roboto Flex, you can access its import generator to generate the relevant URLs and CSS necessary for your projec

URL Formats

The Fontsource CDN provides two primary URL formats for accessing font files:

Static URLs

Static font URLs follow this pattern:


Variable Fonts URLs

Variable fonts URLs have the format:


Example URLs

Here are some example URLs that demonstrate how to use Fontsource’s CDN with different fonts and configurations:

  • Variable URL for the latest version of Roboto Flex with Latin subset, wght axis, and normal style:

  • Variable URL for Roboto Flex version 5.0.8 with Cyrillic Extended subset, normal weight, and normal style:[email protected]/cyrillic-ext-wdth-normal.woff2

  • Static URL for Inter version 5.0 with Vietnamese subset, 500 weight, and normal style:[email protected]/vietnamese-500-normal.woff2

  • Static URL for Inter version 5 with Greek Extended subset, 400 weight, and italic style: