Font ID

The Font ID endpoint allows you to retrieve detailed information about a specific font from Fontsource. The font ID is appended to the base URL as follows:


The API response for the Font ID endpoint is a JSON object that provides comprehensive details about the font.
Example response for the “Abel” font:
"id": "abel",
"family": "Abel",
"subsets": ["latin"],
"weights": [400],
"styles": ["normal"],
"unicodeRange": {
"latin": "U+0000-00FF, U+0131, U+0152-0153, U+02BB-02BC, U+02C6, U+02DA, U+02DC, U+2000-206F, U+2074, U+20AC, U+2122, U+2191, U+2193, U+2212, U+2215, U+FEFF, U+FFFD"
"defSubset": "latin",
"variable": false,
"lastModified": "2020-09-10",
"category": "sans-serif",
"version": "v12",
"type": "google",
"variants": {
"400": {
"normal": {
"latin": {
"url": {
"woff2": "",
"woff": "",
"ttf": ""


The Font ID response includes the following properties:
  • id:** The unique identifier of the font.
  • family:** The name of the font family.
  • subsets:** An array of string subsets supported by the font.
  • weights:** An array of integer weights available for the font.
  • styles:** An array of string styles which may contain normal and/or italic.
  • unicodeRange:** An object containing the unicode range for each subset. The key is the subset name and the value is the unicode range.
  • defSubset:** The default subset for the font.
  • variable:** A boolean value indicating if the font is a variable font.
  • lastModified:** The date the font was last modified.
  • category:** The font category or classification.
  • version:** The source version of the font.
  • type:** The source type of the font.
  • variants:** An object containing the variants of the font. The key is the weight and the value is an object containing the styles and subsets for that weight.
The variants property further includes variant-specific details such as URLs for different file formats (woff2, woff, ttf) based on subsets, weights, and styles.
Please note that the provided example response represents the “Abel” font, and the actual response for other fonts may vary based on their specific attributes and settings.
For more information, refer to the Fontlist and Fonts sections of the documentation.